Daniel Boucard Lends a Hand

Daniel Boucard, mon père était bûcheron en forêt près de Villers-Cotterêts, il est mort quand j’avais 14 ans et j’ai conservé ses belles haches. Ayant été appelé à voyager dans tous les coins de France, je collecte des haches de toutes les provinces. En ayant plus de 1000, je commence à les sélectionner et les […]

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Statutes of Our Association

STATUTES   of an association declared under the law of July 1st 1901 and of the statuary order of 16th August 1901. ARTICLE 1 – NAME It is formed between the founding members adhering to  the present statutes of an international association ruled by the law of July 1st 1901 and the statuary order of […]

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1700 Work Out of Montreal: Mathieu Collette & Martin Claudel

  La Timmerbila 1700 aux Forges de Montréal Le travail que j’ai initié avec cette hache découle de rencontres. L’histoire commence par la demande d’une reproduction d’un modèle fabriqué à Gränsfors par Lars Enander, en 2015. Je me suis alors inspiré des travaux du maître suédois décrit dans son livre Klassikt Järnsmide pour réaliser de […]

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Hello, This is Radio Oostrum

When you are in some way like me you like to be hands free while you are at the computer and free yourself up so you can get away from the computer. In order to offer maximal freedom  from the computer to all blacksmiths and axe users tuning in I will now make audio versions […]

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Bernard Works it Out

  Here, the documents hinted at earlier. Really, I have no idea of how anyone else looking in experiences this web site, all I can do is my best so I provide a variety of options in this instance. The ordering probably needs correcting, I have placed them randomly not knowing any better. It seems […]

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All Axemen

Roland has made up a nice letter announcing the registration of an association familiar to all readers here with the proper French officials (Is his intention to continue on to the European level of registration or not? Difficult to say where it will end). On top of this he includes a request addressed to all […]

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Prologue to an Upcoming Posting-up

I have gotten sent to me some documents of interest and in-so-far as I am only the reporter of things and wanting  to keep up with the most current forms of reporting will add that my sources always remain anonymous until wishing to reveal themselves. Speaking of sources, these documents happen to be of French […]

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